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Published: ডিসেম্বর ৩, ২০১৫

খালি পদের সংখ্যা ০২ চাকরির বিবরণ / দায়িত্বসমূহ
Job Starts From: 1st January, 2016
Work Premise: Your home
Payment: Hourly Rates in USD, Paid Weekly/ Monthly (We can directly wire it to your bank account converted to current rate in BDT). Ranges are equivalent or better than most big software firms offer in Bangladesh.
Minimum Workload: 50 hours / week (Overtime allowed and appreciated). There is no travel involved. So you will actually be saving time.
We are looking for talented front end developers.
Being great with JavaScript is essential.
CoffeeScript is a plus. (Our entire client side codebase is in CoffeeScript).
HTML5 knowledge is essential. CSS knowledge is a must.
Good design sense is required
If you know how to use Polymer that is awesome. We`ll give you training on this anyway.
If you have used AngularJS or at least a templating engine (like ember`s handlebars or mustache) you will find our workflow very attractive.
You should be familiar with command line. You should be able to run at least the basic commands.
If you work on a Linux or OS X computer/laptop, you will have it easier working with us.
Experience with GitHub is appreciated. We`ll provide training on it as well.
If you can read and understand this job post, your English is good enough for the work.
We will assign you to one of our 6 ongoing projects. You will be part of a sub-team and someone from the core team will lead the project. He/She`s the only person you will need to report to.
You will need to code, of course. You will also need to document what code you write and often write unit tests for them.
You will have to attend at least one weekly Skype meeting (the hours are also billable).
You will need to drop a mail to `` with the things mentioned in ‘What to submit’ section. We`ll communicate with you via email. If you are selected for the online interview, we`ll do a Skype video chat. (Or you may choose to come to the office/core team`s workspace)
We`ll assign you a set of simple task that shouldn`t require more than 24 hours to complete. Your performance will determine your starting hourly rates.
Your portfolio if you have one.
You should submit description of any work that you have previously done. Live links are appreciated but not mandatory.
We are not really interested in CVs. You should still send a CV/Resume for documentation purposes.
You should send us links to your stack exchange and GitHub account.
If you have worked at Upwork, you can send us a link to your portfolio. We don`t outsource but we appreciate freelancers.
No letter of recommendations. Put one and you are rejected instantly. We evaluate you based on your merit and skill only.
Your CV must NOT include a recommendation/reference section.
চাকরির ধরন ফুল টাইম শিক্ষাগত যোগ্যতা
We don`t really care what university you are from.
Even if you dropped out of university, you can still apply. What we care about is your code.
২ থেকে ৫ বছর
চাকরিপ্রার্থীদের যেসব ক্ষেত্রে অভিজ্ঞতা থাকতে হবেঃ
Programmer/Software Engineer, Project Manager (Software), Software Architect, Software Implementation, UX Designer
অন্যান্য যোগ্যতা
We emphasize on communication. We communicate a lot on Skype and that is part of the job requirement.
Hourly rates and directly related to your performance. You will get a raise when you are performing well.
You will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon joining. It in states that you cannot reveal company`s private information (in the form of code or any other written/verbal medium).
Tasks are managed and hours are logged using JIRA by atlassian.
We do have an office to meet and talk in person. Attendance is optional.
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